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Ultimately, there can be a close-in the role (Tier One to) from private bodyguards

January 14, 2024

Ultimately, there can be a close-in the role (Tier One to) from private bodyguards

Tier You to

Which contingent appears to be seemingly quick. Using fatigues and you can job limits, and you may equipped with pistols, the group sticks around the commander.

On certain days, plainclothes bodyguards go with Kim, especially when he meets which have international frontrunners or journey to another country. They may be known sometimes as a result of their dresses ­– business suits, skirt tees and you may complimentary striped links – otherwise using their behavior and you will pose as well as the simple fact that they often tower more than all the anyone else on the photographs.

Tier One shelter: Kim Jong Us that have close-into the plainclothes safety guards celebrated because of the its complimentary ebony grey serves and you will bluish striped connections. Photo: KCNA

Photographs frequently let you know the clear presence of Kim Chol Gyu. In reality, he or she is seen have a tendency to enough that it is almost certainly he or she is introduce during the the majority of new leader’s appearances. Sometimes, in the event that commander is within a developing with several rooms, “Grandpa” is seen going to come and determine where Kim usually wade second.

It was possible with Kim Jong Un’s conferences that have next-president Donald Trump within the Hanoi, Singapore and at brand new Korean Demilitarized Region (DMZ), in addition to Kim Jong Un’s visit to Moscow in order to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Safety captain Kim Chol Gyu walks prior to Kim Jong United nations with his cover detail because North Korean commander brains toward the latest demarcation line during the Korean DMZ to get to know upcoming-chairman Donald Trump, . Photo: Korean Central Television

Overall, it looks Kim’s bodyguards avoid becoming photographed, and often are partly blurry otherwise of physique to have however professional photographers. Continue Reading…